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Golf and football animation

2022-07-01 23:14Madden Football Android
Summary: Who can help me recommend some Japanese sports cartoonsThe youth inspirational cartoon "over drive" (iron horse Youth), serialized in the magazine "weekly Youth magazine" magazine of talk
Who can help me recommend some Japanese sports cartoons
The youth inspirational cartoon "over drive" (iron horse Youth), serialized in the magazine "weekly Youth magazine" magazine of talk agency, announced the news of TV animation. For this one of the few comic books with the theme of competitive sports, the author Yasuda Gang Shixiang devoted more energy and enthusiasmThere are those Japanese animes about sports
Ace pitcher wave his arms high, super smart game, four leaf game, sunshine, football, football, wolf forward, whistle, basketball, slam dunk master, zero second shot, slam dunkGolf and football animation boy, tennis, tennis prince, golf, primary school golferRecommend several animes with handsome male protagonists and strong sports ability
At the beginning of the day, I thought that the male host was just a hooligan, but I didn't expect that the back actually revealed amazing strength, not only to play, but also to be a super bully. "Journey of youth": the male host Ma Zhe, and his brother Yangyi Tanaka, a teacher in his school, are very similar to him, and the brotherhood is acceptableWhat kind of football anime is there
"Lightrunner 21" is a sports cartoon with American football as the theme, which is full of street flavor and has many funny passages. Kawasaki Sheng's football eagle. It is a series of stories about young people represented by blue eagle who regard football as a battleAre thereGolf and football animation cartoons about sports
Football: football player, whistle, football, football: light runner 21, baseball: H2, baseball heroes, major league baseball, roller skating: flywheel boy, water ice: Silver kaleidoscope, go: Soul of chess, Mahjong: Legend of cards (this seems to be only animation)
What are some good-looking Japanese cartoons about competiGolf and football animationtions
Football: football, football player, serie a tornado, coyote forward, basketball: slam dunk master, slam dunk boy, zero second shot, fantasy basketball, junior basketball dream, tennis: tennis prince, golf: trajectory, bicycle: Iron HorseGolf and football animation Boy, track and field: cool wind, football: speed of light masked
... Those who play football are robots, as well as hockey and football. Those who play football are called crazy Niushi
Wind invincible silver fortress, station B has a complete set. Introduction: the story takes the future world as the background. Human beings not only coexist peacefully with robots known as "iron League", but also establish iron League to carry out various competitions. Nevertheless, the plutocratic black gold consortium relies on its power and its team "the prince of darkness"What good sports anime is there
However, this thin body is incompatible with the image of a football man. But if you look patiently, you will still find that behind the exaggeration is a more realistic Sports Animation. The plot will never procrastinate. The depiction of the game process is still very rigorous and regular. Watching these partners with unique personalities work hard on the court, show their talents and interact with each otherWhat is Sports Animation
According to the film category, it can be divided into cinema Sports Animation and TV Sports Animation, the former such as Kung Fu Panda and fairway, and the latter such as tennis prince and football player; According to the country, it can be divided into domestic sports animation and foreign sports animation; According to the technical performance, it can be divided into two-dimensional Sports AnimationLooking for Sports Animation
Ballistics - this is a professional golf animation that describes the ballistics of a teenager who is trying to become a professional golfer. The original work was once a popular comic strip serialized in the weekly juvenile Sunday since 1995. In order to meet the mother who separated for various reasons, ballistics decided to become
Golf and football animation

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