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The football experience

2022-06-25 08:08Madden Football Android
Summary: How does football beginMany times we can't find a reason to do something just like Forrest Gump. Many times we are far behind Forrest Gump. Those things that we do not know why always give up halfw
How does football begin
Many times we can't find a reason to do something just like Forrest Gump. Many times we are far behind Forrest Gump. Those things that we do not know why always give up halfwayPost feeling composition of the film of the final victory
It mainly tells how a young coach led a football team to break the historical record of American football and win 151 consecutive games. For comparison, the film even cited the 21 consecutive wins of the New England Patriots, especially the strength of the team and the rich experience of the coachFeeling after watching warm football
[reflections on warm football]bigmike was born in a poor family. Because his IQ was not high and he had failed in almost all subjects, he was almost forgotten when he grew up. However, he had a strong talent for sports and a strong sense of protection. HThe football experiencee was in the sense of protecting his familyHow strong is the desire for success? Football inspirational feeling
An inspirational film about football, Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for it. I have seen a lot of her movies, such as the speed of life and death, fake marriage, and the lovers I like very much... I am deeply impressed by the appearance of Sandra, the representative of modern powerful women. I like her very muchWheelchair football experience
You're from Harbin Institute of Physical Education
English film review of football inspirational films
I don't know if I saw the same movie. I read weakness. I was very satisfied with the personal evaluation of weakness. At the beginning, I talked about Michael's experience. He was abandoned by his mother and disliked by his uncle's family. He would rather not go back to his uncle's house. It's dangerous to take Michael home for the night because you don't know him, Mrs. tooseyLook for two 600 word movies
At the beginning of the film, it shows the failed life of a high school football team coach. After repeated defeats, excellent players were transferred to schools. Someone wanted to drive him out of the team. His house was in disrepair and he was driving an old car that broke down at any time. His wife wanted to have a child, but it turned out that he had a problem. It's really unlucky for a man to be ashamed of his teeth in cold water... I don't kThe football experiencenow whether it's from the United States or the United Kingdom) the impression is that the olive player
"A person is not successful because he has no goals, no dreams, no self-confidence, no coach, and does not know how much potential he has... This is a thought-provoking passage from the film never give up. Indeed, how can a person have no goals and no dreams? Everyone has them! But many people have dreams and The football experiencegoals
After reading "warm football"
"Warm football", if only one word to summarize the film, it is not even inspirational but warm. A mentally retarded black boy became successful under the care and love of a white elite mother. Just like the American spirit of honesty, diligence and always moving forward carried forward in Forrest GumpFootball game (any game) after watching English 500 words thank you ~
The feeling after watching is an article written with specific feelings and enlightenment after watching a film or TV play. The so-called "feeling" can be the truth or exquisite thought understood from the works, the thinking and association inspired by theThe football experience contents of the works, and the determination and ideal inspired by watching
The football experience

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